Energy Psychology & Positive Psychology

All sessions can be delivered In person, or by audio/videoconferencing. 

Our energy & positive psychology sessions are comprised of one or a combination of: an intuitive session, Reiki, positive psychology teachings, advanced cellular healing, EFT tapping, hypnotherapy, NLP, regression, spirituality, and guidance. The Higher Power/Spirit/Source will often intervene during the session. Therefore, we may start with one modality or technique and at some point during the session others may be introduced to enhance the healing effect.

Energy psychology interventions are aimed at getting to the root cause, not just the symptoms, and can enhance relaxation, relieve stress, discomfort and tension, calm emotional upheaval, and accelerate healing. They can also assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of energy, aid meditation and positive thinking. Energy Psychology can help the receiver contact the “healer within” and lead to a better quality of life. Benefits can be immediate or gradual.

Darlene helps you see what she sees and inspires you to acknowledge the best version of you despite what you have gone through and your current circumstances. 

Darlene helps you believe in yourself and your ability to create your best life.


Reiki & Advanced Cellular Healing Session

These sessions are calming, healing, peaceful and offer hope when there was none. Darlene is a very strong channeller of the higher energies accessing ascended masters, spiritual guides and guardian angels who assist in these healing processes. Darlene uses any single or combination of modalities including Reiki, breath work, parts therapy, music, colour, chanting, chakra balancing, aura clearing, guided meditation, affirmations and visualization techniques. The wisdom of the energy reaches the core issue often resolving the emotional and physical pain after just one to four sessions. Book a session today.

Let Darlene be part of your healing and spiritual journey.


A Word on Spirituality vs Religion

Religion is structured and is based on ‘formal beliefs, rituals, dogma, and community that collectively create a religious institution.’

Spirituality is a ‘feeling of Connectedness to something greater, experienced by cultivating a relationship with oneself and one’s perception of the transcendent.’

A relationship with oneself is about feeling connected to a greater purpose or personal meaning in life.

Perception of the transcendent is your understanding of what you can’t see, such as a faith in God, a Higher Power, a belief in Karma, or the power of Love.