‘Never too old, never too late, never too bad, never too sick to start from scratch once again’. – Bickram Choudhury

‘A year from now you will wish you had started today’. – Karen Lamb

Through Our Door You Can Move Mountains

Emotional turmoil, chronic stress, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, trauma and the like take its toll on mental and physical health.

Are you wanting or needing change, but don’t know how to change the things in your life that matters to you? Are you facing challenges and needing help to sort through the fog? Fear of moving out of your comfort zone? Just need to talk?

Talk and Grow offers ‘effective’ programs, counselling, coaching sessions and more. We teach you the tools and techniques to use every day to attain optimal health and happiness.  


Talk & Grow

Grief & Loss

Healing the Pain of Loss – ANY LOSS

Loss of any kind can take its toll on emotional and physical health.

Coping with loss is one of life’s biggest challenges. Many of us find it difficult to endure the pain of loss. How to carry on may feel overwhelming. You may feel shock, anger, disbelief, guilt, shame, profound sadness and a host of other unexpected emotions.

Heal through our Grief & Loss Program either in-person or online.

Support Groups

Significant Healing Through Bonding

Safe environment with others facing similar challenges.

When you’re facing a stressful life challenge, you don’t have to go it alone.  A support group can help by providing an opportunity for you to share/learn about personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, emotional support and more. Online and in-person groups.

Enroll in one of our Support Groups today. Facilitators available.

Support Coach

Compassionate One to One Support

Personal support can make the difference in your recovery.

Perhaps the group scene’s not your thing or you find you need personal  support and guidance. A support coach can help you find balance and accelerate transformation. Step by step at your pace yet with a gentle nudge and lots of encouragement.

Call to schedule an appointment with your Support Coach today.


Talk & Grow


Monumental Breakthrough

This “effective” proven program for depression, trauma, PTSD, and OSI is delivered online, one-to-one and in small groups. We know from experience that to heal requires change and one must move out of their comfort zone, for that is where the magic happens.

Monumental Breakthrough is a mind, body, spirit program. Throughout the program we educate and teach the actions one needs to take, along with dedication to regular practice of the tools taught so they may experience a Monumental Breakthrough.

To learn more about our program Monumental Breakthrough.


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Health ~ Growth ~ Empowerment

Talk & Grow


Helps you navigate through the fog.

Support to help improve various aspect of your life.

Whether emotional pain, upheaval, or feeling trapped or smothered, counselling sessions help you to open your eyes and be honest with yourself. Darlene will be a heart with two ears. Get help in understanding, coping, and resolving your issues and concerns .

Schedule your appointment today.


Accessing the Healer Within

Connectedness is experienced by cultivating a relationship with oneself. 

Innate intuitive intelligence, energy and spirituality. Mind, body, spirit approach to health and wellbeing through positive psychology, natural medicine, and complementary healing techniques. Utilizing intuition, energy and compassion to heal, surrender and let go.

Schedule your session today. Like others you’ll be really glad you did.

For Women Only

Women’s Empowerment & Self Growth

Uniqueness of women can be challenging depending on how you relate.

Opportunities to explore self identity, personal transformation with the support of other women, achieving your highest potential, learning to love you just as you are, increasing self esteem and confidence, making lasting change and embracing new challenges.

Join other women as our knowledgeable facilitators teach and deliver what matter.


Personal & Business Prosperity

Talk & Grow

Life/Business Mentor

Personal Mentorship to Jumpstart Growth 

Insight to help improve every aspect of living whether personal or business.

Yes, you can do better. Develop and improve personal relationships. Learn business skills you need to excel at professional socialization and enhance your opportunities for success. Gain valuable advice for living, business, or both. Success to those whose seek change.

Discuss with us where you want to go. We’ll can help, call  today.




Presenting a Fresh Perspective

Sharing expertise and knowledge to help you attain your goals.

We possess vast knowledge and experience in a number of fields. In addition to expertise, our track record of past accomplishments is astounding. Improvement and success. From business to personal service, as your consultant we act as a catalyst for change.

Review your needs. Give us a call.


Corporate Care

We Improve Your Bottom Line 

Effective programs to support and transform your workplace.

Do you need crisis intervention, inspiration for motivation, individual on-site healing/counselling sessions? It’s time to talk and grow. We can help you to help your employees create a better workplace environment, a specific training workshop, or trauma support program.

Explore workplace transformation strategies. Make the call today.


Talk & Grow


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Talk & Grow

Rarely is there an ‘easy button’ for change.

Change may present itself as a forceful tidal wave, creep in a bit at a time like a glacier, deliver a devastating blow, pertain to unhealthy relationships, forcing us to make difficult choices.

Whether change is uninvited or instigated it is often difficult and painful. Whatever change you are dealing with, how you cope with that change will have an impact on your future.

Whether you have experienced one or more losses, it’s not about learning to live with loss,it’s about healing the pain of loss. It’s about saying goodbye with no regrets. It’s not always easy and sometimes we need to have a better understanding of how losses affect our lives and hold us back. It’s getting out of our comfort zone as that is where the magic happens.

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